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Strategic Update: The Geopolitics of a British Exit from the EU

A vote by the British people to withdrawal from the EU – also known as a ‘Brexit’ – will have significant implications for the EU, the ideas and structures of European integration, and European geopolitics. Opinion polls show that a vote to withdraw is a distinct possibility. The EU, the rest of Europe, allies around the world and the UK itself need to be prepared for the wider international implications of such a move. This short Strategic Update examines how likely a Brexit is and explores what it could mean for the EU, European integration, and Europe’s economics and security.

Read more in Tim Oliver’s Strategic Report, entitled A EU Without the UK: The Geopolitics of a British Exit from the EU.

Dr. Tim Oliver is a Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow working with on Europe-North American relations. Tim’s research interests focus on transatlantic relations, European geopolitics, British-European relations, British government and politics, and the UK’s foreign, security and defence policies.

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