Research 2017–2020

The Dahrendorf project cycle 2017-20 focuses on the strategic challenges posed by recent significant changes in the political landscape of Europe. In 2016, Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU was one manifestation of wider trends that have seen growing tension between nationalism and international cooperation, a hardening of attitudes towards immigration and the rise of populism. All of these issues call into question the future of the European project and the aspiration towards ‘ever closer union’. They affect such matters as relations between the EU and non-EU countries within Europe; future developments in existing EU policy fields (e.g. fiscal and monetary policy, migration policy, foreign and security policy, judicial cooperation); further integration and institutional development within the EU; and the development of political culture and values in Europe.

Dahrendorf Foresight Project

Societal Change, Politics and the Public Sphere

The Future Of European Governance