Priorities and Compromises for the Future EU Budget

Following the publication (on 2nd May 2018) of the European Commission’s proposals for the 2021–2027 Multi-annual Financial Framework, what are invariably acrimonious negotiations on the future EU budget are now underway.

The EU institutions are keen to achieve a deal early in 2019, although this would imply reaching agreement far more rapidly than previously.  In the Commission’s own words, it has put forward “ambitious yet realistic proposals for a modern EU budget”.

On 14 June 2018, the Dahrendorf  Forum and Bertelsmann Stiftung co-hosted a workshop at the Hertie School of Governance with the goal of fostering a free and open discussion about different aspects of the future EU budget.

Held under the Chatham House rule, this note summarises the issues and dilemmas discussed.

Read the full summary here: Priorities and Compromises for the Future EU Budget.