European Security 2030

The first of the Dahrendorf Forum’s two ‘Foresight’ exercises carried out during 2018-19 aimed at mapping out key political, socio-economic, and international trends that might impact European security in 2030 in order to identify potential triggers of change and concrete risks.

The project “European Security in 2030” brought together experts from 12 countries to look into the future, engaging in a strategic and systematic conversation about the drivers of European security in the decade ahead. The result is a collection of six ‘alternative futures’ that – taking into account political, technological, socioeconomic and migratory trends – suggest various versions of tomorrow’s reality. While the presented scenarios are simply representations of what “could be”, they are uniquely informative for anyone considering where current global trends might lead  in 10 years’ time.

The findings of the project were published as an LSE IDEAS Strategic report which can be downloaded in full here.