Britain in the Post-Brexit European Security Architecture

Brexit will have important consequences for European security. The UK stands to lose access to the EU’s multifaceted network of foreign policy and security coordination, and the British voice will no longer be represented in the EU’s foreign policy.

Britain’s impending withdrawal from the EU raises important questions about the future of EU–UK security cooperation. This policy brief explores the content and scope of European security cooperation after Brexit by analysing the respective strategies, institutional structures, and operational capabilities of the EU and the UK.

Download Britain in the Post-Brexit European Security Architecture to read analysis and recommendations for the future by Lisa ten Brinke, Nicola Chelotti, Julia Himmrich, and Benjamin Martill.

This policy brief draws on the wide-ranging discussion at a workshop organised by the Dahrendorf Forum and the 28+ programme at Loughborough University London on 9 March 2018 with senior diplomats, policymakers, and analysts under the Chatham House rule. It reflects the authors’ interpretation and analysis of the discussion and does not necessarily represent the views of those participating.


Photo by Royal Navy Media Archive via Creative Commons license 2.0 (CC BY-NC 2.0)