Foto by Peter Himsel / Hertie School of Governance

The Dahrendorf Forum Joined the Hertie School of Governance at the “Europawahl-Nacht 2019” Event

On May 26, the Hertie School of Governance held the Europawahl-Nacht 2019 event.

Experts, such as Henrik Enderlein and Christine Reh provided live commentary and debate of the election results, as they came in from across the EU. More than 400 people participated in a pub quiz and debates. A musical finale provided by the KodoJazz Collective.

Partners to this event were the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin, the Schwartzkopf Foundation, Hertie Foundation fellows & friends, Polis 180, the Young European Federalists Germany, ARTE, das Progressive Zentrum and the Dahrendorf Forum.

The event was held in German and livestreamed on ARTE.

Read the full summary of the event here.