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Special Issue: ‘Chinese Investments in Europe’s Energy Sector: Risks and opportunities?’

We are happy to announce the publication of the Special Issue ‘Chinese Investments in Europe’s Energy Sector: Risks and opportunities?’ in the renowned journal Energy Policy. The Special Issue is the culmination of two years’ of research by the Dahrendorf Working Group on Europe and China relations. It is edited by the co-chairs of the Working Group, Björn Conrad and Genia Kostka.

The nine papers included in this special issue analyse Chinese investments through a variety of methods that include survey analysis, content analysis, interviews and in-depth case studies of different energy sectors and regions in Europe. By studying Chinese investments in different parts of the energy sector and in different European countries, the contributions shed light on the benefits and costs of Chinese investment in this sensitive sector. On the one hand, the benefits can be substantial, as China’s new role as a global investor offers significant economic benefits and political partnership. (…). Yet, the findings also point to growing concerns among policymakers and business managers in Europe, ranging from worries about unfair competition and economic risks to concerns about national security.

Contributions to this special issue include:

Editorial: Chinese Investments in Europe’s Energy Sector: Risks and Opportunities? Conrad, Björn and Kostka, Genia

Shifting policy priorities in EU-China relations: Implications for Chinese energy investments in Europe Gippner, Olivia; Torney, Diarmuid

Chinese energy investments in Europe: An analysis of policy drivers and approaches Liedtke, Stephan

Chinese investments in the EU renewable energy sector: Motives, synergies and policy implications Curran, Louise; Lv, Ping; Spigarelli, Francesca

China’s nuclear export drive: Trojan Horse or Marshall Plan? Thomas, Steve

China’s supply of critical raw materials: Risks for Europe’s solar and wind industries? Rabe, Wiebke;  Kostka, Genia; Smith Stegen, Karen

Chinese investments in Southern Europe’s energy sectors: Similarities and divergences in China’s strategies in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain Pareja-Alcaraz, Pablo

Central European attitudes towards Chinese energy investments: The cases of Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic Turcsanyi, Richard Q.

Chinese FDI and psychic distance perceptions on regulations in the German renewable energy sector Vaccarini, Katiuscia; Lattemann, Christoph; Spigarelli, Francesca; Tavoletti, Ernesto

Sovereign Wealth Fund investments in Europe as an instrument of Chinese energy policy Kamiński, Tomasz

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