(c) Dahrendorf Forum / Steffen Weigelt

Monika Sus edits a special issue on the European Union in the World in 2025

A special issue on the future of the EU’s relationships with its partners edited by Dahrendorf Forum Post-Doctoral Fellow Monika Sus has been published in the journal Futures. The volume entitled “European Union in the World 2025 – Scenarios for the EU relationships with neighbours and strategic partners” is the outcome of the Dahrendorf Forum’s foresight project.

The special issue is premised on the idea that the EU can only maintain its impact on the global order by proactively facing the challenges ahead. The purpose of the collection is to provide a set of possible outcomes for the EU’s role in the world through a comprehensive analysis of the driving forces that will shape relations between the European Union and its neighbours, as well as its strategic partners. The papers in the special issue offer an overview of the EU’s external relations that can help to shape foreign and security policy. Thus, this collection aims to make a contribution to defining and achieving the EU’s interests and to tackle the question of how these interests can be reconciled with its values.

The special issue is available here.