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In the media: The MENA region in 2025 – Peace and Prosperity or a new Thirty Year’s War?

What does the future hold for the Middle East and North Africa? What role will Europe play in the region? Looking ten years ahead, will we uphold a European approach that established a coherent, long-term political strategy which takes into account the interests of local and regional actors, or will the European Union remain passive in the region, as EU member states disagree about strategies and goals in the MENA region?

The Dahrendorf Forum foresight project sets out different scenarios for the future relationship between the European Union and the five regions of the third project cycle: Ukraine and Russia, Turkey, MENA, United States and China.

The German magazine INTERNATIONALE POLITIK (IP) has now published the best and worst case scenarios for the Middle East and North Africa in their July/August Issue. Read the German Article in the IP: “Friede und Wohlstand? Oder dreißigjähriger Krieg. Zwei Szenarien
by Wiebke Ewering, Benjamin Preisler, Isabel Schäfer and Nikolas Scherer

Download all 18 scenarios of the scenarios produced by the foresight project in the Dahrendorf Analysis European Union in the World 2025, edited by Monika Sus and Franziska Pfeifer.