Dahrendorf Forum Web Panel Discussions Now Accessible Online

What are the great questions of our time?  What does the future of the liberal order hold? In September the Dahrendorf Forum brought together a diverse group of social scientists in a series of online panel discussions to unpack the questions they think are timely and relevant in uncertain times.

Recordings of the sessions each can be watched online here (please click on a session title below):


Session 1 | How can democracy cope with polarisation?

Andrea Römmele (Hertie School), Lea Ypi (LSE), and Rudolf Stichweh (University of Bonn) on a panel moderated by Philip Faigle (ZEIT ONLINE).


Session 2 | How can the global economy cope with the pandemic?

Iain Begg (LSE), Howard Davies (Natwest Group), and Linda Yueh (London Business School) on a panel moderated by Quentin Peel (Chatham House).


Session 3 | How can the liberal order cope with recent global challenges?

Joanna Bryson (Hertie School), Wolfgang Seibel (University of Konstanz), and Jan Zielonka (University of Oxford and Venice, Ca Foscari) on a panel moderated by Helmut Anheier (Hertie School).