Dahrendorf Forum launches research paper competition for PhD researchers

In cooperation with the new academic journal Global Perspectives, the Dahrendorf Forum is inviting PhD researchers to submit a research paper relating to the topic ‘The Great Questions of Our Times and the Future of the Liberal Order‘.

Global Perspectives is the University of California Press´s new flagship online-only, peer-reviewed, and transdisciplinary journal for which Dahrendorf Academic Co-Director Helmut Anheier serves as founding Editor-in-Chief (more details  here).

Research paper

The research paper should be between 2,500 and 4,000 words, excluding references and appendices. It should be a standard research paper on what you, from the point of view of your academic discipline, regard as a pressing question of our time, how you propose one could find answers, and what you think possible answers might be. Please keep in mind: posing the right question is as important as finding the right answer. So, we encourage you to be intellectually daring and even provocative.

Please include a title, an abstract, and a brief biographical statement. For details on the format please consult the journal’s author guidelines here.

Please note the deadline for submission has been extended until 15 July 2020.

A selection committee composed of members of the Global Perspectives editorial boards will select the six best papers submitted by PhD researchers from the two founding institutions Hertie School and LSE. The best papers will be published with Global Perspectives online in autumn 2020, and receive an award of 2,000 Euros each.

We look forward to receiving your research papers. For any questions you might have, please contact the Dahrendorf Forum Manager Gesa-Stefanie Brincker at brincker(at)hertie-school.org.