Image courtesy of Adam Niescioruk

Dahrendorf Forum Experts discuss COVID-19 and the future of European politics

As the Covid-19 crisis raises questions about policy and governance in Europe and around the world, Dahrendorf Forum experts have shared their insights with various outlets and organisations.

In a three-part online discussion series by Verfassungsblog, panelist Andrea Römmele explained the implications of the virus for the German political (party) system.

Professor Römmele was also interviewed by CNN on Angela Merkel’s legacy as German Chancellor. The full interview is here.

On May 25th, Iain Begg was interviewed by Austrian national broadcaster ORF regarding the recent Dominic Cummings Covid-19 scandal shaking the United Kingdom.

In another interview with France 24, he also discussed the 2.2% GDP drop in Germany in the first quarter of 2020, predicting a further decline in the second quarter.

On June 4th, Research Associate Edward Knudsen published a paper with the Hertie School’s Jacques Delors Centre on “The weaponisation of the US financial system: How can Europe respond?” The paper includes information on how US sanctions have affected the Covid-19 outbreak in Iran, and how the EU can counter them.

For a full list of Dahrendorf Forum media appearances, see in the media page.