Dahrendorf Forum Co-Organises Conference on Populism and Electoral Choice in the New Media Environment

Dahrendorf Co-Chair Andrea Römmele and Research Associate Rafael Goldzweig participated in a three-day conference that discussed the influence of social media on electoral behaviour and traditional media, and whether this new environment benefits populists or favours polarisation.

Andrea Römmele introduced a paper co-authored with Dahrendorf Forum Working Group 2 member Rachel Gibson on the new era of political campaigning. As we move towards a more personalised style of campaigning and with the advent of new technologies for political communication, politicians become more of a brand and electoral strategies are shaped based on data analysis and micro-targeting. In this context, social media helps to activate networks of supporters that play a part in boosting or detracting from support for a given candidate.

The conference output will be part of a Special Issue from the Journal New Media & Society on the topic “Populism in the Era of Twitter: How Social Media Contextualised New Insights into an Old Phenomenon”.