Dahrendorf Forum joins CEPS in Brussels for its concluding flagship event

On Tuesday 5 November 2019, the Dahrendorf Forum hosted a flagship event at the Brussels think tank CEPS to showcase two years of research on the future of Europe. It was the third and final flagship event of the Dahrendorf Forum’s current research cycle, the first having taken place at the Hertie School in Berlin in May 2019 and the second at the London School of Economics in June 2019. The day-long event featured speakers from politics, journalism, and academia who discussed the most pressing issues facing Europe today, from migrant integration to Europe’s role in the world.

The conference focused on three critical topics that have assumed greater relevance in recent years, each of which has been examined in detail during the last cycle of Dahrendorf Forum research:

  1. The integration of migrants into labour markets and host societies and the contested nature of current approaches; what could be possible ways forward?
  2. The role of journalists – and the media more generally – in confronting populist rhetoric. What are the lessons learned, and what can be done to restore and maintain quality journalism
  3. Europe’s role in the world “sandwiched” between a retreating United States and an increasingly assertive China: Can it rise to the challenge, posed by Ursula von der Leyen in her political guidelines for the incoming Commission, that ‘Europe should have a stronger and more united voice in the world’?

Each topic was addressed in separate panels with leading experts as contributors. In addition, there was a session with Member of Parliament Danuta Hübner ‘in conversation’, offering views on how the EU should tackle tricky issues.