Congratulations to the winners of the PhD research paper award

As part of celebrating 10 years of its project existence the Dahrendorf Forum, in cooperation with the academic online journal Global Perspectives, had invited PhD researchers from both partner institutions, Hertie School and LSE, to submit a research paper relating to the topic ‘The Great Questions of Our Times and the Future of the Liberal Order‘. A selection committee composed of members of the Global Perspectives editorial boards has selected five award winning papers.

Congratulations to the authors, all Phd researchers, who have worked from the point of view of their academic discipline on what they regard a pressing question of our time. 

  • Christoph Abels and Licia Bobzien: Heterogeneity in Policy Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Peril to European Cohesion? (working title)
  • Joshua Cova: Income Inequality and In-Work Poverty: What Role for Minimum Wage Setting Mechanisms? (working title)
  • Laura Peitz: Too Many Cooks Don’t Spoil the Broth? – Bridging Literatures on Private Sector Engagement in Sustainable Development (working title)
  • Diego Alonso Salazar Morales: How to govern the Pandemic? – The Role of Executive Capacities and Political Polarisation in OECD Countries’ Response to Covid-19 (working title)
  • Till Schöfer: Is Multilateralism in Crisis? – Insights from the US, China and the European Union (working title)

The papers are in a detailed review and editing process. They will be published online later this year.