Channel Trouble chapter published

Monika Sus and Benjamin Martill, Postdoctoral Fellows on the Dahrendorf Forum, have published a chapter on the future UK/EU security relationship as part of a volume on Peace, Security and Defence Cooperation in Post-Brexit Europe. The volume, edited by Cornelia-Adriana Baciu and John Doyle, was published by Springer and is available now.

The chapter, titled “Channel Trouble? Challenges to UK-EU Security Collaboration After Brexit”, suggests five reasons why the effects of Brexit in security and defence have been downplayed by analysts; namely, the intergovernmental nature of this policy domain, the dominant role of NATO in European security, the lack of political salience of EU security cooperation, and the UK’s waning interest in CSDP over the years. But the security question has become more challenging, the chapter claims, owing to a number of important changes initiated by the Brexit vote itself. These include concerns about the credibility of NATO and inter-alliance feuds, the politicisation of Britain’s connection to CSDP, increasing moves towards greater supranationalism on the EU side, and the UK’s renewed interest in participating in EU initiatives in defence and security.

The authors conclude that, although agreement on security and defence relations between the UK and the EU will be reached, it will not be as easy as first imagined.