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Brexit Notes: What should and what is likely to happen next?

The Dahrendorf Forum’s board member Henrik Enderlein outlines 6 simple questions that should serve as guidelines in the current debate on Brexit and the European project.

The Brexit vote is the answer to a simple question: together or alone. Britain has decided to go alone. It is important to differentiate between what SHOULD happen and what is LIKELY to happen.

1 When will Article 50 be triggered?
2 Which negotiation under Article 50?
3 Is there scope for an enhanced associated membership?
4 Should the EU further integrate as a reaction to the Brexit vote – or rather stop integration now because of the rise of Euroscepticism?
5 Should there be a multi-tiered Europe?
6 Should there be Treaty change?


About the Author
Henrik Enderlein is Associate Dean and Professor of Political Economy at the Hertie School of Governance and Director of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin. During the academic year 2012-13 he was the Pierre Keller Visiting Professor at Harvard Kennedy School and the Weatherhead Center of International Affairs.