Andrea Römmele talks about the politics of the crisis in Germany and abroad.

In a German radio podcast series (SWR) Andrea Römmele discusses the question of democracy in the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus crisis is affecting everything, including democracy. In a 10-part daily podcast series “Democracy in the coronavirus crisis”, Andrea Römmele, Hertie School Professor of Communication and Politics in Civil Society and Dahrendorf Forum working group co-chair, discusses the implications of the coronavirus crisis for democracy and politics on SWR German radio. (In German)

Episode 1: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Profitieren jetzt die Macher?

Episode 2: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Wo bleiben die Grundrechte?

Episode 3: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Wissenschaftler als bessere Politiker?

Episode 4: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Erzwungene Digitalisierung des Staates?

Episode 5: Demokratie in der Corona-Krise: Werden Arme noch ärmer?