Professor Iain Begg

Iain Begg is a Professorial Research Fellow at LSE’s European Institute, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, and will shortly complete a two-year senior fellowship on the UK in a Changing Europe initiative. His main expertise is in the political economy of European integration and EU economic governance. He has directed and participated in numerous research projects on different facets of EU policy, covering the governance of economic and monetary union in Europe, the EU’s ‘Europe 2020’ strategy and future employment prospects in the EU, and reform of the EU cohesion policy. Iain has served as a specialist adviser to the House of Lords European Communities Committee for an inquiry into European economic and monetary union and has undertaken a number of other advisory roles.

Areas of Expertise: Britain & the EU, EMU, EU budget, EU economy, European employment strategy, European social policy

+44 20 7955 6813 


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