Dr. Monika Sus

Monika has been a Dahrendorf Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hertie School of Governance since 2015. During the 2016-17 academic year she was also a Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre and Fellow in the Europe in the World programme at the European University Institute in Florence. Monika has published widely on European foreign policy, the Eastern Partnership, Europeanisation, and advisory policy. Before coming to the Hertie School, she held an assistant professor position at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)-founded Willy Brandt Centre for German and European Studies at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. She has been granted scholarships by the Hertie Foundation, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, Academia Europea de Yuste, the Natolin European Centre, and the National Science Centre of Poland. She has been a visiting fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, at the Centre Canadien d’Études Allemandes et Européennes at the University of Montreal, and at the European Union Centre of Excellence at the University in Pittsburgh.

Areas of Expertise: European Foreign Policy, Security & Defence, Eastern Europe

Friedrichstraße 180 ∙ 10117 Berlin ∙ Germany