24 November 2016

WORKSHOP: EU foreign and security policy after Brexit

Location Hertie School of Governance, Forum B, Friedrichstraße 180, 10117 Berlin
Beginning 12  Ending 14-NR-20161124DETS12:30TE14:00

12:30 – 2:00 pm

In a time where Europe is challenged by a series of old and new threats, Britain has decided to leave the Union. This decision has reignited deep-seated questions for EU foreign and security policy. Is there now a viable chance for greater commitment to collective security and defence cooperation? To what extend does Brexit affect the overall ability of the European External Action Service (EEAS) to operate and how does it influence the implementation of the new EU Global Strategy? How will the EU cope with losing the strongest military power within its Union and how will the Union and the UK organize their further collaboration in this area? Three speakers are asked to present their take on the interconnectedness of the two issues followed by an open discussion with the audience.

Welcome and Opening

Helmut K. Anheier, President and Dean, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin


Monika Sus, Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Introductory statements

Sophia Besch, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform, London

Judy Dempsey, Nonresident Senior Associate, Editor in Chief, Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe

Norbert Röttgen, MP, German Bundestag, Berlin


Michael Cox, Director, LSE IDEAS; Professor of International Relations, Head of Programme for Transatlantic Relations, LSE, London


Lunch will be served during the event.

Participation to this event is by invitation only. However, if you wish to attend this discussion, please get in touch via e-mail (dahrendorf-project@hertie-school.org)