16 July 2015

Workshop “European Security Strategy revision” A way forward from the German perspective(s)

Beginning 10  Ending 18-NR-20150716DETS9.30TE11

The expert round table organized in the context of the Dahrendorf Forum – Debating Europe will discuss the on-going review process of the European Security Strategy, which has been initially presented in 2003. The focus of the debate will be on the German perspective(s) towards the revision process.

At first a supranational perspective on the European Security Strategy will be provided by Julia de Clerck-Sachsse. In the following, the German policy actors will add their views and open the debate for all participants of the round table.


Monika Sus, Postdoctoral fellow Dahrendorf Forum, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Presentations and comments

Julia de Clerck-Sachsse, Public Diplomacy Adviser, European External Action Service, Brussels

Hannah Neumann, Senior Policy Advisor, German Parliament

Tobias Felix Franke, Referee for CFSP, Ministry for Defense, Berlin

Florian Laudi, Deputy European Correspondent, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin


Ronja Kempin, Senior Fellow, Research Division: EU/Europe, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin


For registration, please contact pfeifer@hertie-school.org