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Standing Firm in Times of Populism: journalism between attitude and independence

On 7 February, Dahrendorf Forum and ZDF organized a second workshop at the Hertie School of Governance entitled “Standing firm in times of populism – Journalism between attitude and independence”. 15 journalists from Germany and other European countries discussed challenges they face in their work given the increased presence of populist political actors.

The event was chaired by Peter Frey (editor-in-chief of ZDF) and Andrea Römmele (Co-Chair of the Dahrendorf Working Group 2) and was followed by a joint dinner.

The discussion was focused on several specific cases of populist interaction with the media and how one could react to them. Best practices and projects to foster dialogue in society were also discussed. The following key questions guided the discussion:


The workshop will be followed by a third event on 17 June in which an external input from an invited speaker will provide further food for thought on the topic.