6 March 2019

Reflections on the Future of Europe with Paolo Gentiloni

Location Old Lecture Theatre, London School of Economics and Political Science
Beginning 12:30  Ending 14:00
Speakers | Paolo Gentiloni.
EU2016 SK [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

At this public lecture, Paolo Gentiloni shared his insights on the future of Europe, drawing on his experience as prime minister of Italy from 2016 to 2018.

Europe finds itself at a crossroads, confronting a challenging external environment, an unprecedented surge in support for populist parties, and the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This raises a host of crucial questions:  What will be the major challenges for Europe in the coming years? Is Europe prepared to weather these storms? And how will the rise of populism affect the institutional and policymaking landscape in Europe?

In this context, Mr Gentiloni offered his reflections on how best to deal with Europe’s travails, drawing on his personal experience at the helm of power during a turbulent period.

Speaker: Paolo Gentiloni (@PaoloGentiloni) is an Italian politician, a member of the Democratic Party and former prime minister of Italy (2016 to 2018).

Chair: Iain Begg (@IainBeggLSE), academic co-director of the Dahrendorf Forum at LSE IDEAS and professorial research fellow at the European Institute.

The event was co-hosted by the Dahrendorf Forum at LSE IDEAS and the European Institute.

Listen to the podcast of the event here.

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