10 December 2016

Quo Vadis Global actors? US, EU, Russia between Liberal Order and Neorealism

Location London School of Economics
Beginning 10  Ending 18

A workshop organised by the Russia-EU and the US Working Groups, Dahrendorf Forum

By invitation only.

On 8 November 2016, Donald Trump achieved a surprising victory in the US presidential elections. With German and French elections scheduled for 2017, the next six months might be crucial for the constellation of power in international politics in EU as well. Recognizing the huge importance of electoral politics, the workshop is to address a larger context: new domestic and international challenges to the European Union and conceptual foundations of Liberal Order. What are realignments and forces that challenge this Order? Are we seeing new “reordering moment” or just transitional turmoil? What empirical factors and theoretical aspects are underrepresented in the current debates? Could EU be strengthened or weakened by further enlargement of NATO? Can the US and its allies play the role of a global policeman? Can there be a lasting coalition between the EU, US, and Russia in the Middle East? The workshop brought together members of the Dahrendorf Forum’s Working Groups on US and Russia-Ukraine in a forum where these and other questions were tackled in the spirit of intellectual rigour and creativity.