6 March 2015

Dahrendorf Public lecture ” Taking stock of Europe’s role in the world”

Beginning 13  Ending 14:30


Robert Cooper, Visiting Professor and Dahrendorf Senior Fellow, LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science

Wolfgang Ischinger, Professor and Dahrendorf Senior Fellow, Hertie School of Governance

Welcome & Moderation:

Henrik Enderlein, Associate Dean and Professor, Hertie School of Governance; Director Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


Monika Sus, Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow, Hertie School of Governance


The legacy of the 2014 challenges for the EU’s foreign and security policy, both in Asia and in the Eastern neighbourhood, is still uncertain. While they are clearly negative in nature, there are some signs that they might have some catalysing influence on the EU’s external policy. The logic of renationalisation of foreign policy, that became evident after the economic crises, now seems to be balanced by the logic of jointed decisions, at least in some policy areas. Against this backdrop, we invite the two speakers and the audience to discuss the dilemma of how the European Union should reshape the way it acts internationally – as a result of the changing global order.