27 October 2017

Populism in Turkey and Europe

Location Hertie School of Governance | Friedrichstraße 180 | 10117 Berlin | Forum B, 1st floor
Beginning 10  Ending 18-NR-20171027DETS08:30TE10:00
Speakers | Dilek Kurban, Günter Seufert, Sezin Öney, Isabell Hoffmann.
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Recent populist surges in many democratic nations have caused serious concern about the stability and resistance of political systems whose characteristics had not been challenged for decades. These surges vary in causes, extents and goals, but share the capacity to destabilize, not only on a national, but also regional or global level.

This workshop will attempt to determine overarching features and fundamental differences of populist movements in Turkey as well as Eastern, Central and Western European countries. Factors to be discussed are the role of authoritarianism, nationalism and anti-imperialism in these different cases as well as the question whether dissidence is a defining characteristic of populism or whether it can also occur from incumbent parties or politicians.


Welcome and introduction

Dilek Kurban, Research Fellow, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin


Opening statements

Günter Seufert, Senior Fellow, Research Division: EU/Europe, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin, Germany

Sezin Öney, Columnist at online news portal P24 / Freelance academic

Isabell Hoffmann, Head of eupinions, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh


Questions and answers

Breakfast will be served.


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