1 October 2018

German and British perspectives on the political economy of Brexit

Location Hertie School of Governance
Beginning 12:00  Ending 14:30

Joint event of the Dahrendorf Forum and the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin – Centre for European Affairs at the Hertie School of Governance

Where do we stand six months ahead of the British withdrawal from the EU? How do perspectives in Berlin and London differ? And what implications do we expect for three areas that have sparked controversy in the negotiations: economic governance, the financial sector and free movement? This seminar brought together a selected expert group of academics, practitioners and think tankers from Germany and the UK to discuss key facets of Brexit. The thematic sessions were kick-started by short input statements by distinguished German and British experts. The discussion was held under Chatham House rule.

Three policy fields received particular attention: the EU’s economic governance, financial markets, and free movement of people. The discussion highlighted both the direct effects of Brexit on the practical side of these issues, as well as the more indirect effects that are to be expected to take place due to a changed political outlook of the Union.

While the uncertainty surrounding the negotiations complicates predictions for the future, consensus was reached that Brexit could be both, a challenge to cope with, and a window of opportunity for fundamental reform.