15 July 2019

Europe’s sharp and soft power – a validation workshop

Beginning 2  Ending 4:30

In London earlier this May, an interdisciplinary expert group addressed two questions: first, why does Europe under-utilize its significant soft and sharp power compared to the US and China; and, second, what could be done to improve the situation by 2030.

Starting from a best-case scenario for Europe, participants were asked to develop measures that lead from today´s under-utilization to a fuller and more effective use by 2030. By looking at four policy fields (finance and investment; trade; creation and control of knowledge; and data ownership and regulation), the group came up with an initial set of such measures, which we have vetted and developed further since then.

The results of the initial workshop have been tested in this validation exercise, and in Asia later this summer, with the final outcome being presented in Brussels in the autumn.

This workshop took place at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at The Johns Hopkins University and was led by Mathew Burrows from the Atlantic Council.

By personal invitation only.