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Brussels Launch of “Changing Waters: Towards a New Asia Strategy”

Organised by: Egmont Institute and the Dahrendorf Forum

This event explores an overhaul of the EU’s 2001 Asia Strategy, which appears more important than ever in the context of Asian economic growth and the US ‘pivot’, and the possible role that the EU can play therein. The discussion will be based on a presentation of the LSE IDEAS Special Report ‘Changing Waters’.


16:00: Coffee reception

16:30-18:00: Panel discussion:

-Olivia Gippner, Postdoctoral Fellow on EU-China Relations, Dahrendorf Forum, LSE IDEAS
-Garima Mohan,  Research Associate at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Berlin
-Diarmuid Torney, Lecturer in International Relations in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University

Chair: Thomas Renard, Senior Fellow, Egmont Institute

Registration is required. Please click here to register [1] no later than Friday, 6 May 2016.