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The Dahrendorf Forum: Europe and the World

If Europe is to develop a foreign policy identity, institutional reform must be met with democratic debate. How liveable Europe will be in the future also depends on today’s external policies. No fence can shield Europe from the impact of global problems; old demarcation lines between domestic and foreign policy are fading. While this requires strong European responses, public acceptance of further integration is dwindling.

The Dahrendorf Forum recognizes that both expert knowledge and public debate can benefit from mutual exposition. The Forum’s researchers therefore explore future scenarios for Europe’s external relations and discuss these findings with an audience as broad as possible. The project’s gaze thereby goes beyond eurocentric worldviews: it puts non-European perspectives center stage.

The project cycle for 2015-2016 ‘Europe and the World’ was shaped by five interdisciplinary working groups with specific focus regions (Russia/Ukraine, MENA, China, North America and Turkey). Each Working Group was coordinated by at least one Chair and Research Associate. Working Group Members were appointed by the respective chairs in consultation with the academic co-directors. Members included academics from other institutions of academic excellence as well as leading practitioners from relevant sectors.

All in all seven research teams collaborated to answer one central question: What is the future of Europe’s relations with its border regions and the core regions of the world economy?
Europe and Russia and Ukraine
Europe and Turkey
Europe and the MENA-region
Europe and North America
Europe and China
European Governance Monitor
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