In the Media

Dahrendorf researchers and experts are widely quoted across the media and their work is featured in a variety of outlets. Here you will find media coverage of Dahrendorf research and events, as well as quotes, interviews, articles and op-eds involving Dahrendorf experts.

XinhuaNet, March 29, 2018: Iain Begg interviewed on the first anniversary of triggering Article 50, that gives until December 2020 for the UK to leave the EU.

China Global Television (CGTN), March 22, 2018: Iain Begg interviewed on the legacy of the Iraq war for the world order. The complete program can be accessed here.

Times of India, March 16, 2018: Andrea Roemmele quoted on the perspectives for Angela Merkel in her fourth term as Germany´s Chancellor.

China Global Television (CGTN), March 10, 2018: Iain Begg interviewed on the impacts of new US tariffs on Steel.

Reuters, March 9, 2018: Andrea Roemmele commented on potential obstacles for Merkel in her fourth term as Gemany´s Chancellor.

Roundtable, March 8, 2018: Julia Himmrich interviewed on the impacts of the EU defence strategy after Brexit and the possibility of a defence pact for EU countries.

Bloomberg, March 1, 2018: Andrea Roemmele quoted on the possible successors of Angela Merkel.

Phoenix, February 28, 2018: Andrea Roemmele analyses the possible outcomes of the SPD members’ vote on the grand coalition agreement.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 26, 2018: Andrea Roemmele discussed the CDU’s cabinet positions and the party’s future.

Pravda, February 23, 2018: Iain Begg quoted on the tensions between net contributors and net recipients of the EU after the UK cease to contribute with the Union.

Project Syndicate, February 20, 2018: Helmut Anheier talked about the coalition agreement and what it represents for the German democracy.

Prospect Magazine, February 20, 2018: the book co-edited by Ben Martill was reviewed by Prospect Magazine.

Sputnik News, February 5, 2018: Iain Begg interviewed on the details of the Brexit negotiations.

The Guardian, February 3, 2018: Gary Younge cited Ben Martill´s “Let’s put the Great back in Great Britain” article in his piece on Britain’s imperial fantasies.

Newsweek, January 24, 2018: Lisa Ten Brinke analysed European-American relations a year into the Trump presidency.

Financial Times, January 24, 2018: Iain Begg was referenced in an article about how Brexit may amplify frictions between east and west EU members.

Radio Sputnik, January 23, 2018: Iain Begg commented on Emmanuel Macron´s views on the deal between the UK and the EU after Brexit.

Prospect Magazine, January 17, 2018: Iain Begg analysed the impacts of Brexit in the future EU budget.

Project Syndicate, January 16, 2018: Helmut Anheier wrote an op-ed on the need for a lively debate on issues critical to Germany´s future.

BBC, January 15, 2018: Iain Begg commented on the impact assessment of Brexit published by the Scottish government in Radio Scotland (starts at 02:08:00).

WDR, January 10, 2018: Andrea Römmele discussed what ails German coalition talks in WDR’s talk show eins zu eins.

Arab News, January 6, 2018: Ben Martill quoted on the Danish People´s Party proposal to ban the construction of new mosques.

Prospect Magazine, December 21, 2017: Iain Begg analysed the trade perspectives after Brexit.

Bild, December 19, 2017: Iain Begg quoted on the consequences of Brexit.

Prospect Magazine, December 17, 2017: Dahrendorf Committee member Christine Ockrent interviews Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom exiting the European Union.

France Culture, December 16, 2017: Iain Begg and Pascal Lamy interviewed by Dahrendorf´s Committee member Christine Ockrent on the Brexit negotiations.

Arab News, December 5, 2017: Iain Begg quoted on the Brexit negotiations.

Washington Post, December 2, 2017: Andrea Römmele quoted on the German struggle to form a government.

ZDF, November 30, 2017: Andrea Römmele at “Maybritt Illner” on a possible momentum for another Grand Coalition in Germany.

BR Fernsehen, November 15, 2017: Andrea Römmele talked about the future of the Jamaica Coalition.

Arab News, November 15, 2017: Ben Martill quoted on why Theresa May has thrown her weight behind Saudi Arabia and other “key partners” in the Middle East.

Bild, November 9, 2017: Iain Begg quoted on how Brexit is impacting business in the UK.

The Local, November 3, 2017: Andrea Römmele quoted on women participating in the German Parliament.

Project Syndicate, October 20, 2017: Helmut K. Anheier analysed perspectives on the West’s current populist movements.

Tagesschau, October 16, 2017: Andrea Römmele interviewed on the results of elections in Niedersachsen.

ZDF, September 28, 2017: Andrea Römmele provided her analysis of the German elections.

WDR, September 20, 2017: Andrea Römmele analysed the upcoming German election.

DW – Culture, September 13, 2017: Helmut K. Anheier discussed cultural policy and the German federal election.