15 November 2018

Perceptions of Migration in Europe: Implications for policymaking

Location CEPS, 1 Place du Congrès, 1000 Brussels
Beginning 13:15  Ending 14:30

Policymaking on immigration and asylum is often motivated by prevailing public attitudes. At the same time, public opinion can be shaped by how political actors frame the issues and challenges at hand.

Since the onset of the ‘refugee crisis’ in 2014, irregular migration has been of particular concern to people across the EU and has remained high on the political agenda. In many EU member states, negative sentiment among some social groups is perceived to be on the rise, thus motivating the adoption of restrictive policies. Have European citizens really become less accepting of immigration over the past few years? Or is it that the perceptions of policymakers have changed? How have policymakers’ perceptions and public opinion interacted to produce particular policy outcomes, and what lessons can we draw?

The policy dialogue, organised jointly by MEDAM and the Dahrendorf Forum and hosted by the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, brings together European researchers and policy-makers for an exchange of research results and policy ideas on issues related to public and political perceptions of immigration.

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Esther Ademmer – MEDAM Researcher, Kiel IfW
Tobias Stöhr – MEDAM Researcher, Kiel IfW
Lenka Drazanova – OPAM Researcher, EUI, Florence
Josefin Graef – Dahrendorf Forum Researcher, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
Monica de Coninck – Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, Belgian Minister of Labour in 2011-14



Nadzeya Laurentsyeva – Research Fellow, CEPS