20 October 2016

Author’s workshop for the Dahrendorf Special issue ‘Futures’

Location Hertie School of Governance | Friedrichstraße 180 | 10117 Berlin.

Author’s workshop for the Dahrendorf Special issue ‘Futures. The journal of policy, planning and futures studies’ European Union in the World 2030 (working title)

With contributors to the Dahrendorf Forum foresight project European Union in the World 2025 – Scenarios for EU Relations which aims to set out different scenarios for the future relationship between the European Union and the five countries/regions of the third project cycle: Ukraine and Russia, Turkey, MENA, United States and China.

Introduction by

  • Mathew Burrows, Atlantic Council
  • Oliver Gnad, Bureau für Zeitgeschehen


  • Sonja Kaufmann, Hertie School of Governence
  • Maria Davydchuk, Ost – Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft
  • Thomas Mehlhausen, Universität Postdam
  • Olivia Gippner, London School of Economics
  • Johannes Gabriel, Foresight Intelligence
  • Susanne Schmelcher