Project Structure

The Dahrendorf Academic Co-Directors

The Academic Co-Directors, Helmut K. Anheier (Hertie School) and Iain Begg (LSE IDEAS & European Institute) are in charge of the overall coordination of the project.

The Board

The Board supervises the preparations of the Dahrendorf Symposium and the research progress within all working groups. All board members are available for the Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellows to assist in their research and other activities. They will also discuss the research and impact with the working groups, and they will be involved in the process of inviting the speakers for the Dahrendorf Symposium.

Working Groups

Five transnational, interdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral working groups examine the key questions, and thereby prepare the content for the debate at the Dahrendorf Symposium 2016. They have started their research in January 2015. Conceptual links between the working groups will be achieved in a variety of ways: through the lead of the two Academic Co-Directors, via the two Senior Dahrendorf Fellows located at the Hertie School and LSE respectively and not least through the regular exchanges between the postdoctoral and PhD fellows. A continuous exchange between the working groups will also be guaranteed via their members’ participation at Dahrendorf events (workshops, seminars and lectures).

Working Group Chairs

Since January 2015 five chairs have each been leading a working group. The chairs act as the intellectual guides of the Dahrendorf Network, recruit the members for their group, and be responsible for the content and the deliverables of their respective working groups.

Working Group Members

In consultation with the Academic Co-Directors, each working group chair chooses the members of their respective group. Members will be academics from other institutions of academic excellence and leading practitioners from appropriate fields. Each working group will consist of a minimum of four members. The members’ role varies according to the needs of each of the groups.

Senior Fellows

Each academic partner has one Senior Dahrendorf Fellow who is based at their respective institution. Both advise on the speakers and participants at the symposium, mentor the postdoctoral fellows and serve as contact point for the project management. Together, both senior fellows will foment the science-policy interface of the project.

Visiting Fellows

The Dahrendorf Visiting Fellowships are designed to involve academics from other institutions of academic excellence and for leading practitioners drawn from the appropriate fields. Their length of stay at the LSE and the Hertie School will vary individually according to the needs of the working groups. The Dahrendorf Visiting Fellows will further the interaction and creative exchange between academics and practitioners.

Five Postdoctoral Fellowships

The purpose of the Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellowships is to cultivate a mind-set of research and impact in early career academics. The postdoctoral fellows have been recruited in an international competition. The postdoctoral fellows are based at the Hertie School and LSE IDEAS.  The working group chairs will advise and mentor the postdoctoral fellows.  But the latter will also benefit from the guidance of two Dahrendorf Senior Fellows, the Dahrendorf Visiting Fellows and the rest of the network that will be drawn from the worlds of academia, politics and industry in Europe and globally.

During their Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellowship, all fellows will publish several individual papers. Their research findings will be presented at the Dahrendorf Symposium and other public fora.  Regular online communication and the participation at all Dahrendorf Events and other project relevant events will facilitate the cooperation between the postdoctoral fellow.  They will also act as links between their working groups.


Two Dahrendorf Managers are situated at both academic partner institutions. The management ensures the overall coherence of the Dahrendorf III community.

Dahrendorf Network

The Dahrendorf Network is composed of all past and current Dahrendorf working group members, chairs, visiting fellows, PhD and postdoctoral fellows, and the symposium speakers. The aim of the network is to bring together leading global thinkers and decision-makers from academia, politics, civil society, the economy and the media who share the aim of fostering a positive, pro-European debate yet critical debate about the future of Europe. The function of the network is to allow its members to exchange knowledge and experience with each other in a meaningful, organised and efficient way.