Dahrendorf III: Europe and the World

The Dahrendorf Forum is a joint initiative by the Hertie School of Governance, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Stiftung Mercator. Under the title “Europe and the World” the current project cycle (2015-2016) fosters research and open debate on the EU’s relations with five seminal regions: Russia/Ukraine, MENA, China, North America, Turkey.

The Dahrendorf Teams in Berlin and London tackle these topics on three levels: above all, via researching major issues relating to EU external relations. Output is generated by five research groups, each having a specific regional focus. Secondly, via hosting a series of events where research topics are discussed with high-profile invitees. Thirdly, via engaging with the public and publishing in external media and, most importantly, on the Dahrendorf Blog. Engagement also includes social media, which plays a prominent role. Overall, we are thus catering to three distinct target groups: political and academic elites, media and a young, interested audience.